Blackburn and Richmond rooms remain open to see patients and have on site CSSD sterilisation services                                            Video consultations also offered:            

Mr David James   MBBS  FRACS  Masters Surgery   

Specialist Ear Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgeon 


Mr James is a Melbourne Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon whose expertise extends to correcting;


Nose and sinus related issues, particularly nasal obstruction

Kids with snoring, mouth breathing, recurrent tonsilitis, glue ear

Ear surgery and problems with hearing

Hoarse Voice

Neck lumps 

Disorders of shape and function of the nose or ear


Mr James accepts appointments with a valid referral from your local doctor and is available at his consulting rooms at Blackburn South, Ringwood and Epworth Richmond


All appointments are by telephone, see locations on left side of screen.

Making Appointment


Mr James' is available at a variety of locations in the Eastern Suburbs and City.

Click on location for a map.


Suite 8.5, Level 8, Epworth Tower,  

89 Bridge Rd, Richmond 

Ph: 9421 3062 

Fax: 9421 0755

Tram/train access, appointments that suit your worktime.


Bellbird Hospital Consulting Suites, 198 Canterbury Rd Blackburn

Ph: 9819 3263 

Fax: 9845 2390

Large free car park on site, level entrance.


Ringwood rooms Temporarily Closed  

will reopen post COVID

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